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Who is organizing this?

HaxoGreen is organized by HaxoGreen NPO. See Contact to find out how to contact them.


Where will it be?

The camp will take place at the Campsite Belvedère (49° 28' 41" N, 6° 4' 42" E) a campsite of the local scouts near the village of Dudelange south of Luxembourg. For more information see Location.

How do I get there?

see Location

Where do I find something?

see Location for locations on and around the campsite.


When will the Camp take place?

July 24, 2024 to July 27, 2024
The opening event will be Wednesday 19:00 on July 24, 2024.
The closing event will be Saturday 16:00 on July 27, 2024.

Can I come earlier?

Yes, but not earlier than Saturday 12:00 am on July 24, 2024 in case you want to help with the build-up. In this case, please leave an entry in the table on our Buildup_And_Teardown-page.
If you're not willing to help with the build-up, we're asking you not to come to the camp ground before Monday 15:00 on July 25, 2024

Are there opening hours?

The camp will be open 24/4. Arrival during the night will be possible.
The bar will probably close for the few hours in the early morning, when everybody is asleep.


Where can i find help in case of an Emergency?

see Emergency

Where is the next Hospital?

see Emergency

Who can i ask for help?

if you are unsure, ask Haxogreen-Staff who can be found at Infodesk, Bar or NOC


see Tickets

Will we be required to wear my wristband?

Yes, every participant is asked to wear the camp wristband. This will be enforced beginning July 24, 2024, 10Am latest. You can get your wristband at the infodesk from July 24, 2022. If you spot someone without a wristband please ask nicely where the wristband is and if they could please pick one up at the infodesk if they don't have one. Thanks!


Ask everybody in the picture if they agree to be photographed or filmed. : It follows that shots from the stage into the audience and long shots in the hackcenters, villages and the other public areas are not possible! Please note that we might ask photographers and film teams to leave, if they don't behave accordingly.

Cars and Camper Vans

Where can I park my car?

There are a few parking sites in Dudelange see Parking, there will be NO parking on the campsite itself.

Is it OK to drive the car on the camp ground to unload stuff on arrival?

Depends on when you arrive. People arriving later than Wednesday the 24th will probably not be allowed to drive on the camp ground. But there is a drop-off spot next to the camp ground and we plan to provide carts and similar means of transportation between the cash desk and the rest of the camp ground.

Is it ok to come with a campervan/caravan?

At least, not on the camp itself.
If you want to come with a camper or caravan, there is an official external parking for such vehicles near the Boulodrome. See Services#Camperparking_Dudelange for Details.

Open Fire

Are charcoal BBQs allowed?

Please leave your Charcoal BBQ Grill at home and bring a gas BBQ instead. As mentioned in Power please don't bring an electric grill either.

Could we make a Camp Fire/bonfire (dt. Lagerfeuer) ?

Yes, one camp fire at the official fire place will be lit.

Are camping stoves powered by ethyl alcohol allowed?

We'll provide gas grills for you.

Are there smoking areas

Basically all enclosed public rooms are non smoking. This includes the hackcenter, lounge, toilets, showers, kitchen, noc, workshop room and talks room. You are free to smoke in/at your tent. If the neighbors are annoyed by smoke drifting their way, try to find an arrangement for best smoke flow. This policy may be changed due to weather conditions.


Is it ok to bring my dog?

Yes, but we have a few rules about this:
1. DON'T let your dog mark their territory by peeing at tents or anywhere else on the camp ground.
2. Make sure they don't get close to other attendees who might have problems with dogs. Be it by allergy or by phobia.
3. Don't bring your dog if they have problems with people. Be it because they get scared in a crowd or by some odors.
So if you do bring a dog and it causes any trouble then we will ask you to remove it from the camp site.

Flying objects

Can I bring a sky lantern?

No, it is forbidden by law to operate flying sky lanterns as they potentially cause fires.


see NOC

Will there be Gigabit Ethernet in the Datenklo?

Yes. In the current network-planning each datenklo will have gigabit copper ports available for end-users.


see Power


see Water

How will drinking water be distributed?

There will be water supply stations where you can get water from a tap. You can fill your water bottle at the water supply but you can't hook up a hose.


Attention: Make sure to bring a plate, a knife, a fork and something to drink from as there will not be any provided.

What about food?

We ask everybody to bring their own food. There are a few problems we had with providing food in the past:
1. We bought the wrong food.
2. We didn't buy enough of the right food.
3. People brought less expensive food from abroad.
See POIs for a list of shops which are around 10minutes away from the camp to get food.
We also hope to sponsor a lot of food workshops to provide everybody with food :)

Waste Disposal

What should I do with my trash?

Please avoid producing waste and trash! If you can't you can be very nice and take it with you when you leave or use one of the trash cans on the camp site. Getting rid of trash is not free for us so please don't plan to leave stuff behind when you leave. Especially if you bring furniture, building materials or electronic waste to the camp you need to take it with you at the end!

Social Media

Which hashtag is recommended for HaxoGreen-related tweets?

Please use the hashtag #HaxoGreen to tag all things related to "HaxoGreen".
Please do not post any information or pictures on other people anywhere online unless they agreed before. That also means, that you wont be able to e.g. publish a shot of a crowd, unless you blur the faces.


How can I prepare for the camp?

Besides making a backup of your data nice people compiled a guide with lots of ideas how to prepare yourself and your hardware for the camp. Have a look at How to survive.

What should I bring to the camp?

Besides all the usual stuff you might bring to a camping trip or another hacker camp or meeting remember to bring long (>10m) power cables for outdoor use. And it is also a good idea to bring more female sockets than male sockets in all things plugs.
See Things to bring for an extensive list.
If you need some piece of equipment, but you cant afford it, or if you have a redundant piece of equipment that you would lend to someone, please consider publishing this here: Shared Equipment.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions

Please add your further questions here. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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