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Type Bill / Invoice? T-Shirt
Price² Camping
When valid? Where to buy?
Standard¹ / Supporter No No ≥69€ Yes from Wed. 24.07.2024 10:00
until Sun. 28.07.2024 10:00
Business Yes No ≥128€ Yes from Wed. 24.07.2024 10:00
until Sun. 28.07.2024 10:00
Donation Yes No ≥10€ No No entry, Donation only
Day-Pass Standard No No ≥20€ No One day between 24.07.2024 and 27.07.2024
From 10:00 to 22:00
Or get your Ticket at Infodesk if there are some left
Day-Pass Business Yes No ≥42€ No One day between 28.07.2022 and 31.07.2022
From 10:00 to 22:00
No No Free (0€) and under same conditions with a parent/obligatory-supervisor owning a paid ticket


There will be additional³ Merch you can buy. This will only be possible as part of the ticket-order-precedure after you succesfully bought your ticket.
Type Price Available Sizes Presale only
T-Shirt Adult 18€ XS-3XL T-Shirt Shop is closed since 16.06.2024
Zipper Adult 48€ XS-3XL
T-Shirt Children 18€ Age-based


¹) If you are willing to come but really cannot afford the (already very cheap) price of a regular ticket, please tell the presale-system what u can afford and then contact the Orga-Team, we try to find a solution.
²) Prices are minimum-prices, if you want to support the event, feel free to pay more.
³) 1 T-Shirt were included if you bought a Regular/Business Ticket before june 15th.
⁴) Please let us know which size you want to have in the presale order form