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What to bring


Everybody should bring their own extensions, since there will not be any available on site. Extra extensions as backup are a good idea. The distance to a Datenklo providing power can be up to 30m.

Equipment lending

There is no official possibility to lend equipment.


As electricity is limited please watch your consumption and especially don't bring stuff with big needs like

  • oven
  • deep fryer
  • electrical heating
  • AC
  • Fridge (we got some fridges inside of the building)

and similar stuff


Spot checks of your power equipment will be carried out throughout the campsite to ensure their proper functioning. Should any of your equipment not be impeccable, its usage will not be permitted.


If you have questions, just send an email to: hello[_at_]haxogreen.lu. We will do our best to sort out any issues. Should you have problems at the camp, please come and see the infodesk.


Electricity will be available by the 26th at the latest


The plan of the Datenklos could change till the beginning of the camp. We will try to update it quickly here.