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Infodesk and Bar

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Opening hours

From 10AM til 4AM.


you will find the infodesk in the hackcenter.

There you can

  • register on arrival
  • Get drinks, like club mate and others
  • ask anything (what's the weather for today?)
  • register for lightning talks and other activities
  • get a stamp for your hackerpassport
  • and more...

On arrival you will get here your goodie bag with t-shirt and a whole lotta more thingies.

DudeLounge(m/f/d/*) (aka Bar)

The DudeLounge(m/f/d/*) (Bar) is responsible for the drinks and also offers a central ordering for beverages for villages and attendees. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.


We operate a deposit system. You get your drink with a token. Bring back the empty bottle/glass/cup with the token and you get your deposit back. Optimization: bring back empty bottle, get a new drink for the nominal price. We keep the deposit, you keep the token.

Drink Content (in liter) Price (in €) Deposit (in €) description
Rosport Blue 0.25 1.0 0.50 Carbonated Water
Club Mate 0.5 1.50 0.50 Hacker's preferred ice tea (carbonated)
Flora Power 0.5 2.00 0.50 less caffeine and sugar than Club Mate
Afri Cola 0.2 1.00 0.50 cola soft drink pproduced in germany
Apfel-Schorle 0.25 1.00 0.50 carbonated apple juice
Simon Dinkel 0.33 2.00 0.50 luxemburgish spelt beer
Simon Pils 0.33 2.00 0.50 luxemburgish pale lager
Ourdaller Wäissen 0.33 2.00 0.50 luxembourgish wheat beer
Ourdaller Wëllen 0.33 2.00 0.50 luxembourgish Amber Ale
Tschunk surprise 6.00 0.50 usually only during tschunk bar hours
Water 1.5 free (bring back your bottle and you get a new one)