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The event

Wed. 24. - Sat. 27. July 2024
Campsite Belvedère, Dudelange, Luxembourg, Earth
HaxoGreen is an international, 4-day open-air event for any people interested in technology or art.
It provides a small but relaxed atmosphere for free exchange of technical, social, and political ideas.

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Bonfire Gathering Protocol


  • Tickets - All you need to know about Tickets
  • Buildup And Teardown - When can you arrive, what can you do upon arrival?
  • Fahrplan - The official event schedule (ext. link) we are organizing most stuff on the whiteboard near the infodesk
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Location of the camp and how to get there
  • Map - Overview of the camp-site and the facilities


How to participate

  • CfP Call for Participation - want to give a talk? register here (ext. link)
  • Angels - be a volunteer and help to make a better event (ext. link)
  • Self-organised Sessions - decoration, hands-on workshops, meetings... just do it
  • Projects - create, enhance or finish a project at the camp
  • Villages - set up your own place. Please register your village here so we can plan

Other information

Points of Interest


Many thanks go to all of our sponsors without which we would not be able to organise HaxoGreen. Their sponsorships help us to keep the ticket prices very low and support us in many other ways too.

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