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HG2022 is over - Big Thank you!

Thanks for everyone taking part on Haxogreen Waldbühne!

Here you will find soon all the recorded Live-Streams: HaxoCamZ on Youtube

We would like to see u on the CCCamp 2023!! ;-)

Greetings BerlinerBondageBär & SchneeGuevara & Wurschdbude & MadTiXx!

What and Where

You can find the HaxoCamZ Waldbühne on the Map

  • Free Space for creatives or/and to work on your master-degree in procastination
  • Live-Streams/Recordings are not only allowed ... they are heavy welcomed.
  • Come here if you want to do your video-/camera-/webcam-/photo-/music-/streaming-/adult-only-/painting-/documentation-/meadia-project
  • There will be something like a glowing "on air"-Sign when Cameras are on/live-Streaming. Don't rely on this!!!
  • Cozy lights
  • Cam 2 chill and dance
  • Cam 2 gether
  • Have a Beer with the Berliner Bondage Bär & Family
  • Live Music DJ Sets
  • Official landing place for UFOs - So if you are from outer space and want to visit our camp - this is where you can park


  • 🎦 Here be cameras.
  • 🔞 This area is adult only.
  • Be excellent to each other.
  • By entering this area you are giving implicit consent to be filmed, recorded, streamed, photographed, painted, cloned, etc ...
  • Please use the other 99% of the campsite if you don't want to get filmed or similar.
  • Here might permanently 24/7 run a camera, maybe recording, maybe timelapsing, maybe live-streaming, but maybe even nothing.
  • Inside this area it is not necessary to ask anyone for allowance to record, take pictures or similar ... so you are able to fully concentrate on your media-project instead of caring about the privacy of the people around you.
  • This village is an experiment to find a solution to keep the privacy of event-attendees on the one side but also to have a space where media-nerds and content-creators can make their projects on the other side.
  • If you want to make an own project inside the village that affects others or needs support, just ask the village coordinator and his associates. Especially if you want to do a music-project, as sound is difficult to parallelize ... air is a shared medium bus.
  • Adult-Only/NSFW projects are very welcome ... but keep in mind that people might record it when they are in the mood.
  • When you are live-streaming keep in mind that people might do some Adult-Only/NSFW-projects around and that some live-streaming-servies are very sensitive about the type of content. To mitigate this problem, try to make clear that you are live-streaming instead of recording, so others can avoid disturbing your live-stream in a negative way ... or disturb on purpose ... out of luck then ;)


List of HaxoCamz Waldbühne Participants
Username Type # people comment
Wurschdbude Coordinator 1 HaxoCamZ Coordinator
Berliner Bondage Bär Guest 3 w/ baby w/ surprise-guest
MadTiXx Associate 1 resident DJ, Streaming-Tech

Timetable of upcoming events Waldbühne

Timetable (in Progress)
Date Time Event Organisator Live-Stream Recording comment
2022-07-30 15:00 - 16:00 Workshop Shibari Yoishi no yes
2022-07-30 18:00-20:00 DJ Set MadTiXx on Twitch yes
2022-07-30 20:00-21:15 Playlist AutoDJ on Twitch yes
2022-07-30 21:15-??:?? DJ Set ALUBURKASEINBRUDER on Twitch yes
2022-07-29 21:00-?? DJ-Set MadTiXx on Twitch yes
2022-07-28 21:00-?? DJ-Set: Haxogreen Opening MadTiXx on Twitch yes probably House & Techno

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr!

More 2 Cam...


Link Type Organisator What comment
HaxoCamZ on Youtube Videos HaxoCamZ Here you find the recorded Live-Streams and Videos
https://twitch.tv/madt1xx Live-Video-Streaming MadTiXx MadMiXx (Music) and more Videos unfiltered, uncut, reduced quality and amunt of cameras and audio ... we are working on it
https://youtube.com/c/madtixx Videos MadTiXx Misc Videos Nerd-related Non-Music Videos
https://youtube.com/c/madmixx Videos MadTiXx DJ Sets from MadTiXx