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Next, visit reviews, comments and benchmark tests from as many sources maybe can. A good rule of thumb is whenever over 80% of these are pretty good, you should have found optimum VPS provider for wants.

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Advertisements have flooded the market for new and bandwagonhost vps companies, but how will you really know which ones are the great ones? You could try to guess from therapy benchmarks for the greatest VPS, breaking up the overall are but not always a good indication of is actually really good out so there. Reviews can also be relatively good, but take care here too, as many reviews are promotions compiled by someone with an interest in promoting the VPS provider, and numerous are written under a fictitious name and free email account to join. A good rule of thumb end up being email the reviewer and politely ask him or her if they still are with the VPS hosting company, and in case they still like it again. You can always ask to see one within the sites hosted too.

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Some on the best VPS providers aren't necessarily tier-1 providers, but a smaller company which includes a datacenter location very near to your visitors or one's self. You may find you get better results from geographically close server provider than an excessive host continual business growth . has a datacenter across the world.