My newly inherited porn could not have come at a better time. The Austrian will not be here until Monday…so it was good to have the boys from Fallen Angel watch over me last night. Fallen Angel stars Kyle Brandon and Tony Zerga as two hung and leather bound angels doing sinful work. I did not realise that Guardian Angels were called that cause they strapped you to a sling!

So why are we so obsessed with porn? Is porn good for us? Is porn where we get our body issues: huge penises, unrealistic sex and amazing bodies? Are we trying to have sex like porn stars?

I learned about sex from porn. I remember back in year 5 when I was around ten and I found my step father’s porn collection. It was straight porn but I remember being shocked by the size of the dicks of the guys. I spent the whole day thinking about it. I had not realized that cocks came in such different sizes. I remember masturbating to the porn video..the excitement of waiting to get caught by my mother and the surprise of ejaculation. I actually thought there was something wrong with me. White liquid coming out? Yuk!

Now porn keeps me company on cold winter nights. And at times can break the ice during casual sex encounters. There was a fuckbuddy once who used to like to play the porn game. This is when you must imitate the porn video and do exactly what they do….a bit like a gym class! And we’re sucking…one and two…and three and we're fucking....come on everyone!

Got any favorite porn stories?