Whenever you watch Africans playing sport, it is nearly always soccer, and millions upon millions of Africans are heavily involved in sports online Released in 2014, a report released by PriceWaterHouseCoopers revealed back then already that the betting markets of just South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria alone with be worth a staggering $37 billion by 2018. Online sportsbooks are massively popular, accepting payments through well-known banking methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Paypal and Africans are wild about sport with football having the most fans, followed by cricket and rugby.

Africa - A Very Lucrative Sport Betting IndustryAfricans also place bets on other sports such as tennis, horse racing and basketball as well as other sports. The World Gaming Expo brings together gaming experts from all corners of the world to discuss ways to ensure the gaming industry, as well as iGaming in Africa, continues to be exciting and lucrative for players. Gaming leaders know that it is this African craze for sport that makes the African sport betting industry one of the most lucrative in the world.

Lenient Laws With Sport BettingBetting companies are expanding into Africa because of the very lenient betting laws in nearly all African countries, with South Africa being the only country that actually regulates its gambling market. There are some African countries, however, where you will find a ban on sports betting. A typical example is the country Gambia, where gambling is illegal and the country has in fact banned every kind of gambling.

The gaming and at the WGE will discuss the use of mobile devices for gaming, knowing that the use of sophistical cell phones is on the rise in Africa and that more and more Africans are making use of their mobile phones so that they can be betting 24/7. In fact, African sport betting services have partnered with the top mobile phone operators so as to link mobile money services such as Orange Money with their sport betting products. In Africa, Betway is a sought after African online sports betting site as you can bet with just $1.

Know your Betting RegulationsIf you are a resident in Africa, the best move is to make sure you understand the gambling laws in your country first. Once you know this, you can set up an account at the betting site and start placing bets on all your favourite sports. Online sports betting is legal, so African players can sign up at any African or offshore online sportsbook. In South Africa, the government doesn’t tax winnings on wagers placed on sports events.

Summary of Sports Betting in AfricaAfrica is a massive continent with 54 countries and Africans need to do proper research on the sportsbooks out there. There are many factors to take into account before signing up and players should always take some time to check out reputability - licensing, fair play, customer care and privacy policies among Most online sportsbooks offer players who sign up with them, free Gaming experts at WGE ensure they can offer betting odds on many events Africans love such as Super Rugby, the ABSA Premiership and others.

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