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Public transport

The best way to plan your journey is to use Mobiliteit.lu ↗️.
Here's a direct link ↗️ to set the correct destination right away.
If you're arriving by train, you'll probably end up at the central station in Luxembourg city, set "Luxembourg, Gare Centrale" as "From" station.
If you're arriving by airplane, set "Luxembourg, Findel" as "From" station.
It's a 10 minute walk from the train station to the camp site. Route (google maps) ↗️

Ride sharing

See Hitchhiking


Use google maps and navigate to HaxoGreen ↗️ or use the Address
There is no car parking on site or around the site. Car parks are marked in green on the map and are between 1000m and 1600m away. A list of parkings can be found on the wiki-page Services#Parking. So drive onto the site, unpack all, and put the car on one of the car parks. Then have a little walk though town.


There are no campers or caravans allowed on the camp-site itself. Only tents.
If you want to come with an camper or caravan, there is an official external parking for such vehicles near the Boulodrome. See Services#Camperparking_Dudelange for details.