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Site unter construction, more infos will be added. Information can change.


Yes, it's new - there will be 1 stage for people who like to perform music and art

for you music people: We will propably provide some kind of stereo-connectors and a some speakers/sub Setup for broadcasting your sound over the camp ;-).

Where to apply?

Deadline: 2024-06-23 !! use the formular to apply ->

(Google Forms) Appliance for Performances (Non-Musicians)

(Google Forms) Appliance for Musicians


Main-Stage (Projectname)

On the main-area

What to do on Stage

  • live-music:

you have to bring your music-making-device like DJ-Controller, DAW-Mixed-Setup, Music-Making-Things by yourself - in return we provide you with power and the speaker-setup

Please notice: we prefer DJs and Musicans for the official timetable schedule. Spotify-DJ's can get there chance except during schedule-times.

  • some kind of performing arts
  • open for your suggestions

Decoration & Setup

Do you have some dmx-lights or fancy lit objects worth watching? you can also apply to help decorating or lighting the stages!


will be released when finished


Orga for artists will be done by MADTIXX and Wurschdbude