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Yoga Time!

HG2018 yoga
sun salutation

Almost every day there is some actual muscle hacking going on. Some call it Yoga. Check pretalx for times and location. Usually at 10am on grassy plain near talks room. In case of rain, we well move chairs in the room and do it inside.

You will have to pre register on pretalx or contact the Infodesk, because in case of no interested, the workshop(s) will not happen. Minimum attendance: 1 (one).

the teacher

Teacher will be: User:Gunstick
What do you need to bring? Check the website (i.e. almost nothing).

advanced stuff

This will be an introductory session. If you are an experienced practitioner, acrobat, gymnast, please inform beforehand and there will be a dedicated advanced session.
Bonus: there may be a session for the buildup crew on Wednesday. Just ask.

The practice session can be followed by some Massage if you like.