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No Tickets Yet! Presale starts at 29.02.2020

There will be three type of Tickets
Type T-Shirt
Price Camping
When valid? Where to buy?
Regular Yes 42€ Yes Wed. 29.07.2020 17:00
Mon. 03.08.2020 16:00
Presale only:
starts 29.02.2020 under https://tickets.haxogreen.lu
Day-Pass No 10€ No One day between 30.07 and 02.08
From 10:00 to 22:00
On-Site only at day of visit:
Get your Ticket at Infodesk
No Free (0€) and under same conditions with a parent/obligatory-supervisor owning a paid ticket
If you are willing to come but really cannot afford the (already very cheap) price of a regular ticket, please contact the Orga-Team, we try to find a solution.