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Fresh and Waste Water

  • There are water toilets and urinals, no chemical toilets
  • There are showers with heated water for a good shower. The showers have a build in timer, which you can push endless times, to help you to keep your shower short.
  • There is a large basin for cleaning your dishes and tools.
  • You should not empty any waste water on the ground.

Drinking Water / Beverages

  • There will be a water supply station where you can get water from a tap. You can fill your water bottle at the water supply but you can't hook up a hose.
  • Sparkled and drinking water will be provided at the infodesk.


Inflatable pool

We'll provide an inflatable pool for refreshment. TBD

Public swimming pool of Dudelange

Piscine en plein air​ (EN: Open-Air swimming pool)
Address:70A rue du Parc, 3542 Dudelange
Phone: (+352) 51 61 21-371 ​​​
Coords:49° 29' 1" N, 6° 5' 23" E
(OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
Tickets for one adult: 5€, for one child: 2.50€
Opening hours
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
10:00-20:00 (13.07-01.09)
The inside pool is closed during the summer.


Camperparking Dudelange

There is a free camper/caravan-parking nearby the Boulodrome. No Power, no (waste)water supply.
Address: 50 rue de la Gare-Usines, 3481 Dudelange
1.3km/17min walk | 2.0km/4min car | UMap | OSM | GMaps