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Self-organised Sessions

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A "Self-organized Session" includes everything - everything that is organized by you!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one of the talks or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the camp
  • ... it might even be a workshop!

Do you plan on hosting a self-organised session? Leave an entry below!

Your Self-organized Sessions

What Who Where When How many (max.) Contact Information
FlyingIslandsBondageTrees Wurschdbude Skynet(above and around the camp) Mon - Thu 3 see Wurschdbude See project-page for details. Sometimes, some helpings hands on the ground are very useful, but helpers do most of the time nothing than waiting or holding an end of an rope, so if u want to help, take some beer with you. Maybe i can teach a few things, depending on the circumstances. If you have climbing gear and experience, GREAT, you can help.

Your not-so-self-organized Sessions

For anything else you want to do where you cannot fulfil the "everything-requirement", please use our CfP-System. If deadline is over, please Contact us to get an access-voucher.