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Internet connection



  • HaxoGreen_2022_NOC
  • HaxoGreen_2022
    • WPA2 Personal
    • Password: h4x0gr33n2022




We are providing gigabit ethernet at the two datenklos and on the hackcenter desks.

Static DHCP lease

If you want to provide a service to the outside world or need an IP address which doesn't change, you can get a static DHCP lease. Please contact noc[_at_]haxogreen.lu with a MAC address and we'll set you up. Also you don't need to wait until you're on site, just throw a MAC at us and your personal IP will be waiting for you when you arrive.


You can bring a server and colocate it in the NOC. If you want to do that please send us a MAC address and leave it on DHCP.


There is a camp FTP server.

  • Host: ftp.camp.haxogreen.lu
  • Protocol:
    • ftp/21
    • sftp/2022
  • Login: haxogreen/haxogreen
  • Two folders
    • camp_photos: upload your pictures for sharing with other camp attendees
    • other: upload whatever you want
  • Restrictions
    • no delete permitted in photos folder (shared with everybody), ping Infodesk if removal is needed
    • only accessible within the camp
    • only upload stuff that you have permission to


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