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[[File:Massage_2021-60.jpg|center|frame|500px|now with proper massage table]]
[[File:Massage_2021-60.jpg|center|frame|500px|now with proper massage table (and beard)]]

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You looked too long on the screen from an uncomfortable position, and now your neck is not moving anymore?

Also in 2022, there will be massage sessions by the muscle hacker guy(s). This is a targeted intense pressure massage. No fuzzy "let's wobble those muscles a bit" stuff. Several styles are offered.

  • Shoulder/neck. This is cool as you can continue programming on your computer
  • back: the annoying left and right parts along the spine
  • full body, see the picture below

Inquire at the Infodesk for Gunstick

now with proper massage table (and beard)

As Yoga is a related activity, there can be massage added as a bonus after.

W DSC01353.JPG