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There will be a dedicated KidSpace for parents with smaller children, we try to locate it in an calm area a little off from the hustle and bustle, but details are right now under discussion by the orga-team.

More information will follow as soon as they are available, so stay tuned.

You can help us estimating and better planning the KidSpace by letting us know in advance how many children in which age-range will join the famous Haxogreen. For this, please leave an entry in the following table xor contact the orga-team.

There will be propably an Angelsystem where also Parents can organize helping each other out caring about the Kids.

Your Nick # Adults # Children Age(s) of children Contact Comment
Example-Parent 2 3 2.5y, 9y, 42y someFancyEmailOrMessengerOrWikiUserPage my 2.5yo daughter is most of the time much more mature than my 42yo nephew, thats why we need to put our nephew in an electric playpen. For the electric-playpen we need 3Phases/400V/25A power supply.