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Infodesk and Bar

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Opening hours

From 10AM ↗️ til 4AM ↗️.


you will find the infodesk in the hackcenter.

There you can

  • register on arrival
  • Get drinks, like club mate and others
  • ask anything (what's the weather for today?)
  • register for lightning talks and other activities
  • get a stamp for your hackerpassport
  • and more...

On arrival you will get here your goodie bag with t-shirt and a whole lotta more thingies.

DudeLounge(m/f/d/*) (aka Bar)

The DudeLounge(m/f/d/*) (Bar) is responsible for the drinks and also offers a central ordering for beverages for villages and attendees. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.


We operate a deposit ↗️ system. You get your drink with a token. Bring back the empty bottle/glass/cup with the token and you get your deposit back. Optimization: bring back empty bottle, get a new drink for the nominal price. We keep the deposit, you keep the token.

Drink Price (in €) Deposit (in €)
Club Mate ↗️ 1.50 0.50
Flora Power ↗️ 2.00 0.50
Afri Cola ↗️ 1.00 0.50
Juice ↗️ 1.00 0.50
Beer ↗️ (various types) 2.00 0.50
Tschunk ↗️ 5.00 0.50
Water ↗️ free (bring back your bottle and you get a new one)