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I plan to span some ropes above the camp to mount (lightweight) stuff on it. The ropes itself will be mounted on trees and maybe other high spots.

The mounting will mostly happen during Buildup.

If you want to mount some stuff on ropes or trees like e.g. flags, flickerings/lights, environment-sensors, antennas, timelapse-cameras, swings, hanging-seats, whatever, then please get in touch with me as early as possible to organize those things. All dismounts will happen on Monday, 02. August 2021.

Additionally please add some information down in the table, so that we can keep an overview.

DoA DoM Nick Contact StM Comment(s)
Mon Mon-Thu Wurschdbude Lichterkette, Flaggen, Seile, more things later


Day of (your) Arrival as one of Mon(day), Tue(sday), Wed(nesday), Thu(rsday)
Day of Mounting as one of Mon(day), Tue(sday), Wed(nesday), Thu(rsday)
Your nickname
Please add some contact information, where people an me can reach you (preferred E-Mail, Matrix or a UserPage with those information)
Stuff to Mount List.