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Here you find our actually valid Corona rules to participate on the event.

These rules will change over time in the one or the other direction depending on the situation

Latest Rules from 29.01.2022:

  • We have 1G+
  • Only fully vaccinated people allowed, we verify with your id. (Definition of "fully" will change over time, currently: boostered = 3 doses or recovered + 2 doses)
  • You need an negative test on arrival. We accept 24h-old official antigen-test, a 48h-old pcr-test, or you can supervised test yourself on entrance.
  • We kindly ask to test yourself every morning (whatever morning means for u) by your own antigen tests, and in case of a positive result, inform the orga immediately. We will not check this as we don't see any suitable process.
  • Inside all buildings wearing a FFP2-mask is mandatory. We are still in discussion if there will be an exception during showering, but if not, we have to check this by law ;)
  • Maybe there will be an outside shower-area to mitigate this problem.
  • We will implement contact tracing, either via App and/or manual paper contact lists.