Yoga Time!

HG2018 yoga

This is an inaccurate representation. Everyone will be by himself, with a camera, trying to do the same stuff as me.

sun salutation

Almost every day there is some actual muscle hacking going on. Some call it Yoga. Every day at 10am in . Being on camera is optiuonal, but without seeing what you do, it's difficult to know if everything is correct.

You can just drop in as you wish, preferably from the start though as the exercises are building up.

the teacher

Teacher will be: User:Gunstick
What do you need? Check the website (i.e. a towel. Wear comfy clothes. Don't forget sunscreen if you do it outside. Best is a yoga mat. Camping mats are mostly not suitable because they are stretchy. You can try barefoot on the floor or grass).

advanced stuff

This will be an introductory session. If you are an experienced practitioner, acrobat, gymnast, please inform beforehand and there will be a dedicated advanced session.
Bonus: there may be sessions during buildup.