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Stream of Trees

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COVID-19 News: Physical HaxoGreen 2020 moved to Haxogreen 2021!

The event

30. July - 2. August 2020
Neuland, Earth, Milky-Way
HaxoGreen is an international, 4-day open-air online event for any people interested in technology or art.
It provides a small virtual but relaxed atmosphere for free exchange of technical, social, and political ideas.

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Stream of Trees

  • More Information about Stream of Trees can be found here


  • Tickets - No Tickets needed, this event is Free (of charge)
  • T-shirts - You can order a t-shirt or print yourself
  • Buildup And Teardown - When can you arrive, what can you do upon arrival?
  • Fahrplan - The official event schedule (ext. link) Not yet - stay tuned
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Camp Location, and how to get there

How to participate

  • Chat - join our riot chat
  • Talks - want to give a talk? register here
  • Self-organised Sessions - decoration, hands-on workshops, meetings... just do it
  • Projects - create, enhance or finish a project at the camp
  • Villages - set up your own virtual space. Please register your village here so we can plan

Other information

POIs | Points of Interest