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|BmOP||Bundesministerium für Otter und Pfotentiere|||-
|BmOP||Bundesministerium für Otter und Pfotentiere|||-
|Hacksaar||One of 1000 projects of Technik Kultur Saar e.V.|||-

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A village is a distinct area of the Camp that is run by a certain group or community. Please browse through this list, but even more important: Browse through the camp-site and have a chat with the villages around!

Some villages are just a bunch of normal sleeping tents whose inhabitants feel a sense of community. Most of them have a public space to hang out together, work on a shared Projects, and present what they are doing. Many of them organize their own Self-organised_Sessions, everybody can participate and visit!

It is (not yet but soonish) possible to mark your village on the map. Just tell the Infodesk

List of Villages

Name Description Website
[h]ackyard Chaos Computer Club Luxembourg -
warpzone warpzone Münster, Germany, Earth, Solar System, Milchstarasse, Universe, whatever -
Jonestown This world, this world’s not our home. https://forest-in.space/
BmOP Bundesministerium für Otter und Pfotentiere - Hacksaar One of 1000 projects of Technik Kultur Saar e.V. -