In 2018, there will (again) be no fixed workshops, but you come and do :

  • Come and play with us anytime the workplace is open
  • Ask us for a forging introduction, this takes about 1 hour one-on-one.
  • Ask us for a intro into welding, grinders etc, about 1 hour one-on-one.
  • Talk to us about casting things in aluminium, messing, bronze! Slightly more involved, for best results, prepare (long) in advance.
  • If you ask really nicely, we might even bring the plasma cutter for all those hardrives you have been meaning to securely erase  ;)

Most important thing is that if you want to play at the SparkShack, please bring protective clothing. Red glowing steel and molten aluminium are very, very dangerous and can seriously hurt you!

This means :

  • Safety overall or jeans and thick cotton shirt. Yes, we know it is late July, and it is probably over 9000 Celsius in Dudelange. Still, wear them anywa.
  • Closed leather shoes
  • Safety glasses
  • Leather apron if you have one
  • Absolutely no synthetic clothing and/or open shoes (sandals, slippers etc) allowed

See the SparkShack page at Revspace.