Self-organised Sessions

Self-organized Sessions

A "Self-organized Session" includes everything - everything that is organized by you!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one of the talks or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the camp
  • ... it might even be a workshop!

Do you plan on hosting a self-organised session? Leave an entry below!

Your Self-organized Sessions

Who? Where? When? Limit of attendees Contact information Further comments
SparkShack Behind the hackcenter All the time-ish - Gori We bring the sparkles to haxogreen!
CreativeSecureDataDestruction @SparkShack Friday evening, after dark inf Gori Those bits never stood a chance...
Yoga Grassy bit Every Day
10:00 to 12:00
8 Gunstick By muscle hacker takes around 90 min.
inquire at infodesk
Hackcenter on request
Day (-2) to Day 4
1 Gunstick By muscle hacker . Takes around 20 min.
Bookcrosszone Table in the hackcenter All the time-ish - Spider Go oldskool, read a tree
Moving Objects
ask larsm with motorized bobby car
on request, when I am not sleeping larsm bring your own hoverboard and an input device such as nunchuck, 2 potis (recommended) or ppm-sum capable rc reciever. I will help you with the electronic and software part. the mechanical part you have to do on your own. bring an object to motorize :D Questions: post @@@
Home automation to be defined Day 3 inf Thierry A talk or party to exchange informatuion about home automation.
Goulash outdoors, somewhere in the shadow Friday and Saturday 2-8 cooking 35-40 eating Halfpint Cooking a decent goulash for attendees. Same equipment can be used to cook p.ex. poredge for breakfast for a largish amount of people or soup for dinner (outside of the goulash workshop). Free slots for hacking onions before every workshop. Volunteers for the stirring committee welcome.
Bows&Arrows somewhere a bit out of the way, so we don't kill people whenever we feel like it - Yashiko & Firemonkey Introduction to archery. If you have your own bow and arrows, feel free to bring them.
Ham radio to be defined every day only people with a license are allowed to transmit, everyone can listen on8wr Showing people how ham radio works + what is possible.
MicroPython/ESP32 hacking to be defined to be defined 16 okso Playing with MicroPython on ESP32 microcontroller. Bring a micro-USB and some electronic components to connect to the board.
Total lunar eclipse sky 27 july (21:16) 21:30 - 23:13 (00:19) all Gunstick The longest lunar eclipse of this century. Moon rises already half eclipsed at 21:16. Full eclipse is from 21:30 to 23:13. Partial eclipse ends at 00:19
HagelTap Jonestown 24/4 - Ville 1-on-1 workshop teaching you techniques to equally distribute hagelslag on your bread, eat it without spilling any chocolatey goodies and ofc you can tap a container of hagelslag with all kinds of toppings!
Growing snakes @ Haxogreen (introduction) Near Hacksaar village / In Conference room Thursday, 17:00 or anytime as a quick introduction for individuals. Ask for Bausparfuchs @hacksaar village - Bausparfuchs In memory of the awsome Schlangenprogrammiernacht, you will be able to participate in a competitive programming game, where you grow your own snake. Game will most likely be online starting Wednesday during night. Database resets are scheduled Thu, 12:00, 17:00, Fri, Sat, 17:00. It is a good idea to save your code outside the web IDE. In the unlikely case our server turns out to consume too much power, we might not be able to provide the game, though. Watch this page for announcements.
Joule Thief hackcenter Friday 14:30, additional sessions can be organized on request (I am in the organization staff, look for me around the inofdesk) 4 Neko Light up an LED for several days, using an empty battery as power source. Build (solder) your circuit. Leave your Joule Thief as camp decoration and take it home at the end of haxogreen. On request, I can explain the principles of this magic circuit.
Atari ST Chiptunes  ? Friday or Saturday or both 50 Gunstick I added 3 slides to the presentation I gave in 2016. This time more interactive stuff diving into some tracks and analyzing what's going on. A mix between talk and concert. (90 min)
The challenge of writing Atari ST demos hackcenter Friday or Saturday or both 20 Gunstick Learn how to create Atari ST demos via a talk and interactive demo about the inner workings of this screen. I will use a real machine. (40 min)
Create a quantum physics effect with your fingers hackcenter on demand 5 Gunstick Have fun with some polarization filters to discover the wave-particle duality and quantum properties of electromagnetic radiation (a.k.a. light). (10 min)
Crypto message in a bottle: PKI  ? Saturday 20 Gunstick Presentation (20 min) of the special designed lock to explain, without using any mathematics, how public key cryptography works.