This is a provisional schedule and may be changed at any time!!!


What When Organizer Where
Massage on demand all day long User:Gunstick near Infodesk
SparkShack Welding & Stuff Ask at the SparkShack Gori end of road (see map)
SparkShack The One Ring Workshop Forge your own silver ring user:sproet end of road (see map)
Yoga by muscle hacker 10:00 User:Gunstick lawn (ask Infodesk)

Main schedule

Note to presenters: your talk should be a little shorter than 60 minutes to leave time for the next presenter setting up.

Location of workshops: if you don't find it, ask Infodesk. For workshop organizers: tell Infodesk where you're doing it.

Time Day 1 - Thursday Day 2 - Friday Day 3 - Saturday Day 4 - Sunday
Talks Workshops
10:00 Awakening of the senses
11:00 Lego Mindstorms workshop
12:00 Joule Thief & Learn to Solder Arduino workshop
13:00 Makey Makey hackathon (all afternoon) YoYo
14:00 Build robots & Learn to Solder
15:00 Learn to Solder
16:00 Learn to Solder Closing Event
17:00 Lightning Talks
18:00 Sushi workshop
19:00 Nasi Goreng food workshop
African vegetarian food workshop
20:00 Transport in Luxembourg
21:00 Security and privacy of modern single sign-on in the web
22:00 AtariST chiptune technologies
23:00 Opening Event

Lightning Talks

Title Presenter duration
Qt Pass - GUI for the standard unix password manager Anne Jan Brouwer 10 mins
Backend & Frontend architecture scalability & web sockets Anne Jan Brouwer 20 mins
The marble adder Gunstick 15 mins
Certificate Transparency Daniel Waxweiler 10 mins
Introduction to Scala Native Stefan Ollinger 20 mins
Failure at Scale: some Google SRE war stories Krunch 10 mins
A little Functional Programming in Rust Constantin Berhard 10 mins