This is a provisional schedule and may be changed at any time!!!


  • Massage intermittently every day (check at the welcome desk) there will be donation based massage by the muscle hacker guy(s) Donations go to haxogreen. Suggested price is 0.01€/second
  • SparksHack Welding & Stuff
Time Day 1 Thursday Day 2 Friday Day 3 Talks Saturday Day 3 Workshops Saturday Day 4 Sunday
10:00 Build Your Own Rocket! Build Your Own Rocket! -
11:00 Build Your Own Rocket!/Opening Talk Build Your Own Rocket! Lego Mindstorms workshop Pokemon Tournament
12:00 Build robots! Joule Thief Lightning talks

"QtPass - GUI for the standard unix password manager" - Anne Jan Brouwer (10 mins)

"Backend & Frontend architecture scalability & web sockets" - Anne Jan Brouwer (20 mins)

"The marble adder" - Gunstick (15 mins)

"Panopticon game" - Cataspanglish (10 mins)

Build robots!
13:00 - Joule Thief AtariST chiptune technologies CodeClub Makey Makey hackathon (all afternoon) YoYo
14:00 Yoga/ Build Your Own Rocket! Yoga/ Build Your Own Rocket! Open Data in Luxembourg Yoga Yoga
15:00 Yoga/ Build Your Own Rocket! Yoga/ Build Your Own Rocket! Yoga Yoga
16:00 Play Panopticon Play Panopticon Play Panopticon Closing Talk
17:00 Pokemon trades & battles Pokemon trades & battles - Pokemon trades & battles
18:00 - - Transport for luxembourg -
19:00 Sushi workshop African vegetarian food workshop On the security and privacy of modern single sign-on in the web Nasi Goreng food workshop
20:00 - -
21:00 - - Brainhacking talk