This is a provisional schedule and may be changed at any time!!!


What When Organizer Where
Massage on demand all day long User:Gunstick near Infodesk
SparkShack Welding & Stuff Ask at the SparkShack Gori end of road (see map)
Yoga by muscle hacker 10:00 User:Gunstick lawn (ask Infodesk)
Pokemon trades & battles 15:00 Ishmael tables at back of hackcenter
Play Panopticon Thurs & Sat 16:00 User:Cataspanglish tables at back of hackcenter

Main schedule

Note to presenters: your talk should be a little shorter than 60 minutes to leave time for the next presenter setting up.

Location of workshops: if you don't find it, ask Infodesk. For workshop organizers: tell Infodesk where you're doing it.

Time Day 1 - Thursday Day 2 - Friday Day 3 - Saturday Day 4 - Sunday
Talks Workshops
10:00 Awakening of the senses
11:00 Lego Mindstorms workshop
12:00 Joule Thief & Learn to Solder Pokemon Tournament Arduino workshop
13:00 Makey Makey hackathon (all afternoon) YoYo
14:00 Build robots & Learn to Solder
15:00 Learn to Solder
16:00 Learn to Solder Closing Event
17:00 Lightning Talks
18:00 Sushi workshop
19:00 African vegetarian food workshop Nasi Goreng food workshop
20:00 Transport in Luxembourg
21:00 Security and privacy of modern single sign-on in the web
22:00 AtariST chiptune technologies
23:00 Opening Event

Lightning Talks

Title Presenter duration
Qt Pass - GUI for the standard unix password manager Anne Jan Brouwer 10 mins
Backend & Frontend architecture scalability & web sockets Anne Jan Brouwer 20 mins
The marble adder Gunstick 15 mins
Panopticon game Cataspanglish 10 mins
Certificate Transparency Daniel Waxweiler 10 mins
Introduction to Scala Native Stefan Ollinger 20 mins
Failure at Scale: some Google SRE war stories Krunch 10 mins
A little Functional Programming in Rust Constantin Berhard 10 mins