Internet connection

Like last edition we have again a 100Mbit uplink via a 4km wireless link. As we have an IPv4 range and and IPv6 range, all client on the wireless and wired network will get a public IPv4 and IPv6 address. The IP addresses are int the range, the IPv6 in the 2a02:6f00:1337::/48 range.

You will get an actual IP address directly on the Internet. There is no NAT or firewall, all the ports are open. This is different from being at home or on a WiFi hotspot. The whole world can, and will, bang on your device. This includes your phone.



We are running the following SSIDs:

  • HaxoGreen (WPA2 enterprise), username: haxogreen, password: haxogreen
  • HaxoGreen-open (open, unencrypted)

Both SSIDs are running on 5GHz and 2,4GHz.


We are providing gigabit ethernet at the two datenklos and on the hackcenter desks.

Static DHCP lease

If you want to provide a service to the outside world or need an IP address which doesn't change, you can get a static DHCP lease. Please contact noc[_at_] or #haxogreen on freenode with a MAC address and we'll set you up. Also you don't need to wait until you're on site, just throw a MAC at us and your personal IP will be waiting for you when you arrive.


You can bring a server and colocate it in the NOC. If you want to do that please send us a MAC address and leave it on DHCP.


We are running an FTP server at You can upload all your stuff here.


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