Internet connection

Like last edition we have again a 100Mbit uplink via a 4km wireless link. As we have an /23 IPv4 range and and /56 IPv6 range, all client on the wireless and wired network will get a public IPv4 and IPv6 address.

You will get an actual IP address directly on the Internet. This is different from being at home or on a WiFi hotspot. The whole world can, and will, bang on your device. This includes your phone.



We are running the following SSIDs:

  • Haxogreen (WPA2, 5GHz)
  • Haxogreen-legacy (WPA2, 2.4GHz)
  • Haxogreen-open (open, 5GHz)
  • Haxogreen-open-legacy (open, 2.4GHz)

more details will follow later


We are providing gigabit ethernet at the two datenklos and on the hackcenter desks.

Static DHCP lease

If you want to provide a service to the outside world or need an IP address which doesn't change, you can get a static DHCP lease. Please contact with a MAC address and we'll set you up. You don't need to wait for the camp to start to do that, just throw a MAC at us and your personal IP will be waiting for you when you arrive.