Finding The Best Locker For Towels

einpresswire.comSMART Locker for towels - anti-theft system TOWEL SYSTEM.
There’s a new anti-theft system introduced for the gym owners and spa centers. The new anti-steal system is one of the best lockers for towels.
Many owners of different recreation centers were finding methods to protect their business from loss. Stealing towels have become the major problem in almost every gym, spa, swimming pool and other fitness club. Every customer demands a fresh and clean towel due to bacterial infection and does not agree to share it with anyone. The safety check at the entrance or exit seems very disrespectful, and any customer does not tolerate the checking of the belongings. The owners are tired by renewing the stocks in this way.
For the convenience of many business owners, a smart locker for towels has been introduced for the members of recreation centers. The cabinet consists of RFID technology which is latest in themarket. The modern designed cabinet proved to be an indisputable solution for many owners. It proves to be very comfortable for customers because of its self-service. Now the customer does not have to look for employees to retrieve the expending dry towel.
The automated Locker for towels works under the RFID technology and can only be in reach of members. The system scans the personal card or wristband which will be embedded with a chip. The system display monitor on the cabinet shows a message of Empty Hopper when the in the cabinet is going to be finished. It will be refilled with the new and clean towels. The employee does not have to check for the cabinetagain and again as the cabinet also keeps track of the amountpresent in the cabinet. Locker for towels software may be easily integrated with any smartphone or computer system to track the movements of each item that will be present in the automatic locker for towels.
The act of stealing towels with or without purpose is now over with the RFID technology. The system proved to be very efficient in many ways. The anti-steal system at the exit door will scan the embedded RFID chips and alerts the staff with the signal. The Locker for towels saves the business from many problems and saves the amount of money as well.