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Despite of global economic depression Gurgaon has witnessed an increased growth in property rate in recent years. This increase in property price in Gurgaon rate is expected to increase further in coming years and also there are numerous projects which are based in building residential place are expected to come in near future. There is a speculation in the market that in coming time there will be around 10000 luxury Gurgaon flats to be build and put on sale for the people who are looking to buy Gurgaon Flats.

These luxurious flats in Gurgaon are built by some of the renowned builders, like Vipul Gurgaon in Construction Company. The real estate market in Gurgaon is like heaven for people who are working in real estate sector. It is estimated that in coming years the market price of Flat Gurgaon will increase from 10 to 15%. Some of the top builders in real estate sector which are making huge investment in Gurgaon are Ambience, Parsvanath, DLF, Emaar, Tata Housing, MGF and Vatika limited. These builders are expected to bring some residential flats in Gurgaon in some of the posh areas of Gurgaon like Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Central park 2 and many more.

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Gurgaon has a mixed population that is comprised off natives of the town who are living here for several decades and the immigrants who came here in search of job in these multinational and national companies. Most of the native people live in the older parts of the city and the immigrants live in the new colonies in urban areas.

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