Buildup And Teardown


Buildup starts on Monday July 23rd 2018 at 10:00 on the HaxoGreen camp site.

If you are willing to help with build-up, you can stay on the camp site starting Monday evening.

Helping hands will be taken care of by our staff providing you with food and drinks.

If you plan to arrive early, please add your nickname, the amount of people you are travelling with (including yourself) and the day and time of arrival so we can plan accordingly.

Day of arrival Estimated Time of Arrival Amount of people (including yourself) Nick
Monday 10:00 5 HaxoGreen crew (User:Thierry, User:Kuerbiskaer, User:Gunstick, User:Sid, User:Muling)
monday 13:00 3 Nanometer
Monday afternoon 5 warddr (on8wr), Kristel User:Yashiko, Ilias (firemonkey), Lotte (Babymonkey), zarya User:Zarya, oosjeu
Monday afternoon 3 LUG Saar (User:Informaniac +2)
monday afternoon/evening 1 erebus
Monday evening around 19:00 5 Hacksaar village task force. (we will set up the tent for our village already on Monday. This takes approx. 30-40 min. Once set, we would like to help you for another one or two hours with buildup tasks. We will leave again afterwards. LUGSaar will use the village without Hacksaar until Wednesday)
Tuesday >14:00 3 warpzone people (user:Crnf, user:Larsm + 1)
Tuesday evening 5 sparkshack people
Wednesday evening around 20:00 4-6 Hacksaar. We are willing to help with leftover buildup tasks on Wednesday evening


Teardown will start on Sunday July 29th 2018 at 16:00.

We will need to leave until Monday July 30th 16:00.

Day of departure Estimated Time of departure Amount of people (including yourself) Nick
Monday until it's done 5 sparkshack people
sunday 22:00 3 Nanometer
monday morning 1 erebus