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== Bar ==
== Bar ==
==== Infodesk ====  
==== Located at [[Infodesk]] ====  
Opening hours: 10AM>4AM
Opening hours: 10AM>4AM

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Beverage Operating Center

The BOC ( Beverage Operating Center ) is responsible for the bar and also offers a central ordering for beverages for villages and attendees. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.


Located at Infodesk

Opening hours: 10AM>4AM


We operate a deposit system. You get your drink with a token. Bring back the empty bottle/glass/cup with the token and you get your deposit back. Optimization: bring back empty bottle, get a new drink for the nominal price. We keep the deposit, you keep the token.

Drink Price deposit
Club Mate 1.50 0.50
Afri Cola 1.00 0.50
Juice 0.50 0.50
Beer (various types) 2.00 0.50
Tschunk 5.00 0.50
Water free (bring back your bottle and you get a new one)

Central Ordering

Beverage Bottles/Crate & Bottlesize Price
deposit/crate - 5€